Clara Seren Amram
Flavours Over The Rainbow

Flavours Over The Rainbow

My aim in writing this new book "FLAVORS OVER THE RAINBOW" is to inspire and my readers to eat a RAINBOW every day!

I wish to encourage everybody to a healthier, yet delicious way of eating. I say "everybody", because no matter what age you are, you need to feel and look your best, be healthy, fit and energetic. Accordingly, nutrition is one of the most significant aspects of a balanced lifestyle. Every piece of food that we put into our mouths becomes part of our system, our muscles, and our bones. This is similar to our efforts in trying to keep our residences clean. We must do the same with our bodies, which are in reality, the home for our souls.

Numerous centuries ago, the Romans said: "In corpus santi, mente santa!" (A healthy body, a healthy mind!)

Every day, a new diet or a new approach comes out about how we should eat... so much information that can be very confusing. And every day, also, a new "JUNK" food is created and put in the market with great publicity. Very appealing packages, colorful ones, are asking for our attention. The question is: Are these real foods? Instead of getting the colors from real colorful foods, our children are brainwashed to eat lots of colorful BUT artificial ones. Yet, Nature is such a wise Mother that she has created a wide and colorful pantry for us to enjoy, and to assure that we get all the different nutrients we need. The fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, condiments, herbs...

Every color in Nature exists for a different beneficial purpose. To create tasty foods with these gifts of nature is easy and fun! In the next pages, I will try and share with you a variety of colorful, delicious, wholesome and healthy, and in most cases, very easy to prepare dishes. Practiclarity!

I strongly believe that we, humans, posses not only intelligence and commonsense, but also INSTINCT and INTUITION, which allow us to survive. When we combine all these natural gifts that are innate to us, we know, without doubt, which is the best way to follow; and that is our Natural way.

Mother Earth is offering us an amazing COLORFUL treasure of fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, legumes, nuts! And Clarita's Way believes that colors play a very essential role in our well being. Each COLOR that NATURE offers us through all the amazing foods has a purpose. Each color gives us a different essential nutrient which we enjoy. Accordingly, we create a balanced multicolor way of eating on a daily basis.

Therefore, I now invite NATURE to speak with her own COLORS. Enjoy