Clara Seren Amram
A Guide to Healthy and Tasty Living

A Guide to Healthy and Tasty LivingFor years my friends and family have been asking me to write down all the healthy, delicious recipes that I enjoy creating and cooking. I always promised them I would, but never found the time to really sit and start, until finally...

I started my Clarita's Way book in the year 2006 when I was obliged to slow down and sit at home for a while because of an injury in my right foot. This problem turned out to be a real blessing and an amazing opportunity for self-development and growth: a fantastic lesson for me. In addition, I could finally stay still and calm and really concentrate on writing this book.

When we are too busy and distracted by the world around us, we often fail to see the rich, interesting world inside us; missing the great potential that is waiting to be discovered and developed within. We may be searching for the Light outside when the Light is always there, inside each of us. During my moment of enforced calm and relative stillness and silence, I was finally able to discover this Light that I so much want to share with everyone who is willing to accept it.

It may sound silly, but I believe that the more each person shares with others, those others who are touched by that sharing also feel like sharing with many others. This way this creates a very positive circle. When each of us is sharing our knowledge, we can always contribute something to others.