Clara Seren Amram
For Women Only

For Women Only

Clarita's Way for Looking and Feeling Super During Your Period

  • Try to go to bed early and wake up early (it makes a big big difference).
  • As soon as you get up and wash (including your teeth and tongue), do some breathing exercises, yoga postures , and drink your first glass of whichever water you chose. Drink your second one while you talk to your husband, the children, check your mail, or take a shower.
  • Half an hour later you are ready to have your breakfast. Have a plate of fruit or a freshly made fruits smoothie. It's beneficial to wait 30 minutes after eating fruits before eating something else.
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fresh produce every single day of your life!
  • Fill your refrigerator with fruits and vegetables: lots of crudités (carrot sticks, celery sticks, different colored peppers, cherry tomatoes) already washed, just ready to eat.
  • Don't pass 3 hours without eating something (keep your metabolism working, but no overworking).
  • Try to cut down or eliminate coffee and strong teas.
  • Limit your alcohol intake (alcohol it's known to cause a sudden blood sugar decrease, which might make you crave something sugary to compensate).
  • Avoid people who steal your energy with negativity. It took me sometime to realize this, but when you get rid of negative, unnecessary and unproductive thoughts and behaviors, you will avoid these kind of complicate people in your life.
  • Try to avoid films full of violence; read a book.
  • Breathe deeply; it's the best way to relax and oxygenate your body.
  • LAUGH! Laughter is one of the most powerful anti-stress forces, by reducing stress, improving heart function, and blood flow. It's great for people who suffer from high blood pressure. and even hasshown to help lower blood sugar in diabetics.
  • Spend as much as time as you can outdoors. Like all living creatures, we need at least one hour of natural light every day.

Pregnancy and Birth-Giving

As I wrote in a previous chapter, we women we have the good fortune to be able to carry another life inside us: what great, incredible creatures we are! We give life to another human being who comes to this world with his or her own character, personality and destiny (of course we as parents are here to try to help them find their mission in our beautiful world)!

Pregnancy is such an emotion-filled time in a woman's life! If you are already pregnant, enjoy each moment, even if it's sometimes a bit difficult, being subjected to nausea, tiredness, moodiness, and watching your body change its shape and become a bit wider each day. Never forget that all this is temporary, and concentrate on the miracle inside you; YOU (with the help of the man who deposited those sperms inside you) are helping another beautiful soul come to this terrestrial world. Give a thought for the women who cannot procreate, who suffer because they cannot have children, and you will instantly realize that no matter how much nausea or imbalance you have, you are a lucky one!

And for all these discomforts, there are solutions. Let's see:

Nauseas? Morning sickness: the solution is here: Fresh ginger tea

Feeling very tired? Again, try ginger tea! Plus Yoga, and resting when feeling tired. Listen to your body! I'll repeat it again: Respect it and honor it!

Relax with some meditation or classic music.

Use this time to pamper yourself and let others pamper you. You are now the queen! Remember that when once the baby comes, no one will pay any attention to you, so if people want to pamper you during your pregnancy, let them.

But stay humble and kind to everyone, including all the aunts, friends, relatives, and acquaintances who try to convince you to eat for two. No Way! Eat only for yourself, taking in consideration that there is another human being being formed inside you, so everything you eat, drink, do and feel gets passed on, as your baby is already part of you.

Remember to take good care of yourself by breathing, eating, drinking, thinking and feeling in the right way. Don't fill yourself with "empty food" but always wholesome.

Avoid negative people, scary and violent films; there are so many funny and sweet ones to watch anyway.

Prepare yourself for the big day from now.

Imagine that you're getting prepared to run in a marathon, and think about how you want that moment to be. It should be a natural and easy birth, fun, enjoyable, unforgettable! Impossible? No way? Just get ready, Clarita's Way!

Learn how to breathe now, and at the time of delivery.

Prepare a CD with all the music that makes you vibrate, brings your stamina up, gives you courage and energy, gives you strength, and makes you feel great!

When I learned that I was pregnant with my first child, my daughter Isabella, I decided that it would be a very easy and natural birth. And guess what? The whole process took 45 minutes, without an epidural or any other kind of anesthesia. Just like that.

Then for my son's birth (exactly 13 months later) I had prepared a CD containing all my favorite music; he was also born naturally, without epidural or anesthesia, with the song "Love is in the Air" playing. The doctors and nurses were having a blast, even singing while I was pushing. You see what I mean?

This positive approach towards giving birth I learned from my dear mum (God always bless and protect her). She had 4 children, all natural, easy births. But of course, all women are not built the same, and there are a lot of factors involved in healthy child-bearing. Some people chose Caesarian Section birthing, some prefer to have a midwife, with a doctor hovering in the background for emergencies (or to calm the father). My experience may not be yours, but in every case it's important to be prepared for the best, and also to be flexible if things don't go exactly the way you planned them. Just try to do your best and let the Supreme One do the rest! Have always Faith! Giving birth is participating in a miracle!