Clara Seren Amram
Healthy Food Happy Children
 Healthy Food Happy Children

All parents wish to give their children the BEST GIFT.

This book aims to guide, motivate, encourage and inspire all these parents to teach their children the love of nature, healthy eating and a fit life.

With several unique recipes specially designed for children and adolescents, and decorated to appeal to their visual senses, this book will help you offer your children the best gifts of life:

Flavours Over The Rainbow

Flavours Over The Rainbow

My aim in writing this new book "FLAVORS OVER THE RAINBOW" is to inspire and my readers to eat a RAINBOW every day!

I wish to encourage everybody to a healthier, yet delicious way of eating. I say "everybody", because no matter what age you are, you need to feel and look your best, be healthy, fit and energetic. Accordingly, nutrition is one of the most significant aspects of a balanced lifestyle. Every piece of food that we put into our mouths becomes part of our system, our muscles, and our bones. This is similar to our efforts in trying to keep our residences clean. We must do the same with our bodies, which are in reality, the home for our souls.

Numerous centuries ago, the Romans said: "In corpus santi, mente santa!" (A healthy body, a healthy mind!)

A Guide to Healthy and Tasty Living

A Guide to Healthy and Tasty LivingFor years my friends and family have been asking me to write down all the healthy, delicious recipes that I enjoy creating and cooking. I always promised them I would, but never found the time to really sit and start, until finally...

I started my Clarita's Way book in the year 2006 when I was obliged to slow down and sit at home for a while because of an injury in my right foot. This problem turned out to be a real blessing and an amazing opportunity for self-development and growth: a fantastic lesson for me. In addition, I could finally stay still and calm and really concentrate on writing this book.